Doshelp, Help, and xView
  XVIEW.EXE is the name of the Flambeaux Software hypertext viewer.  In
previous versions, the viewer was named HELP.EXE and the version that
ships with Flambeaux's  DOS Help!  is named DOSHELP.EXE.

TECH Help! files
  The program file is named XVIEW.EXE.  This is the generic name of
Flambeaux's hypertext viewer (as shipped with  xText , the hypertext
development system.

  The hypertext database is named TECH60.H!.  xView will look for this
file in the following locations:
  The directory named in XVIEW /M=file (if used).
  The directory named in an e-var XVIEWPATH=yourDir (if any).
  The directory in which XVIEW.EXE is stored.
  The current default directory.

TECH Help! configuration file
  When you set configuration options in the menu (and then save the
setup) or whenever you place a bookmark, xView saves information into
a standard text file, named XVIEW.INI.

  xView will look for that file in the following places:
  The directory named in an e-var XVIEWINIT=yourDir (if any).
  The directory in which XVIEW.EXE is stored.

  The XVIEWINIT variable is handy for network installations.  It lets
each individual user have a personal copy of configuration settings.
Contact Flambeaux Software for information on network and site

  XVIEW.INI contains some options that are not available through menu
commands, including printer options.  See Modifying XVIEW.INI.

TSR Mode
  The DOS 5.0+ Loadhigh command will usually allocate about 50K of upper
memory and about 90K of conventional memory.  On most systems, xView is
too large to fit entirely in upper memory.

  The /IE, /IX, and /IDd force the TSR-mode xView to minimize its use of
conventional memory.  However, there are several potential problems
that can occur in these modes.  If you find that popping up xView
causes a lockup or other problems, switch to /IC.

Note: It is easy to remove xView from RAM.  If you expect to need it
temporarily, say, while editing program files, use...
 @Echo off
 REM --------- make TECH Help! resident while editing
 xview /M=c:\help\tech60.h! /I /Q /K=CF1,CF2
 Edit %1
 xview /U /Q
See Also: Syntax
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