The TECH Help! Configuration File

The TECH Help! viewer (XVIEW.EXE) obtains configuration information
from a standard text file  named XVIEW.INI.  Initially, the file does
not exist, but it is created when you choose Save Setup from the
Configure menu.  It will be in one of:

  The directory named in an XVIEWINIT= environment variable.
  The directory in which the Viewer (XVIEW.EXE) is stored.

The .INI file looks and works just like the .INI files used in Windows.
It is a simple text file containing [sections], beneath which are options
pertaining to that section.

Each time you choose Save Setup from the Configure menu, the current
colors and options are saved in a special section for the current file.
This means you can save settings and bookmarks, etc. for text files, as
well as for TECH Help! and other hypertext databases.

  The [Viewer Global] Section  
Configuration settings that apply to the viewer in general are saved in
this section.  Note that the [database_name] section (described below) can
override some of these settings.

manExtensions=ext [ext...]
Tells the viewer what files to consider to be viewable.  It will always
look for files with extensions .XDB, .H!, and .TXT, but you can add
extensions here, to make it look for other text files.

To change: Edit XVIEW.INI.

Tells the viewer where to deposit text selected by Copy to Paste File
command on the File menu.  By default, the Viewer puts such text into a
file named PASTE.TXT, in the current directory.

To change: Edit XVIEW.INI.

Choose which file should be displayed first (unless overridden via the
XVIEW /M= option).

To change: Choose "Startup with This File" from Configure/Options.

prnName=filename.ext or deviceName
Select an output device other than PRN.  For instance, set this to LPT2 or
just give the name of a file if you want to send "printed" output to a
text file.

To change: Edit XVIEW.INI.

When printing, this many lines are printed before the viewer sends a
form-feed (ejecting the page).  For instance, set n to 80 if your printer
is set at 8-lpi.  You may set n to 0 to keep the viewer from sending any

To change: Edit XVIEW.INI.

This sequence (up to 60 bytes) will be printed verbatim at the start of
each topic.  You can use it to set your printer to a specific typeface,
or whatever.  For instance...

prnSetup= (10U

...sets HP-compatible printers to use the PC-8 character set, so that
box-and-line characters print as they appear on the screen.

To change: Edit XVIEW.INI; to make the Esc character ( ) in the MS-DOS
Edit program, press Ctrl+P, then press Esc.

prnFilterBoxChars=1 or 0
0 means to send box-and-line characters directly to the printer (when the
user uses the Print command on the File menu).  1 means to convert them
to universally-printable characters such as +---+.

To change: Select "Printer Filter" from the Configure/Options menu.

vidBlackAndWhite=1 or 0
1 overrides ALL color settings and makes the viewer display in black and
white only.  You get a similar (though non-permanent) effect by starting
the viewer with the /B option.

To change: Choose Force Black and White from the Configure/Colors menu.

vidNoBlinkColors=1 or 0
1 masks bit 7 of all Screen Attributes (and then makes adjustments to
avoid any unreadable foreground/background combinations).  This may be
needed on video systems in which a lot of text (or the menubar, etc.) is

To change: Choose Disable Blink+Bold from the Configure/Colors menu.

Sets the default size and position for the Viewer window (used when a
database does not give a size via the .O window= command).

To change: Edit XVIEW.INI.

colors=xx,xx,xx,xx,xx,xx,xx,xx ... xx
Sets the default colors (used when a database does not provide a color
set).  See the Colors= Line Layout for details.

To change: Edit XVIEW.INI.

  The [database_name] Section  
Configuration options for a particular xText database or text file are
saved in a separate section.  Settings are remembered for text files as
well as xText databases.

These describe the bookmarks for this file.

To change: Choose from the Goto/Bookmarks/Place Bookmark menu.

Sets the size for the Viewer window when this file is active.

To change: Choose from the Window Size settings in the Configure menu.

colors=xx,xx,xx,xx,xx,xx,xx,xx ... xx
Sets the colors for the Viewer window when this file is active.    See the
Colors= Line Layout for details.

To change: Choose Custom Colors from the Configure/Colors menu and
choose Save Setup from the Configure menu.
- -