Upon return from XMS Functions, the AX register indicates success or

AX=0000H = success
AX=0001H = failure

When a function fails, the BL register will contain an error code.  All
XMS error codes have bit 7 set; so BL will be >= 80H.

BL   Meaning
80H  Function not implemented
81H  A VDISK device is detected (screws up allocations...)
82H  An A20 error occurred

8eH  General XMM driver error
8fH  Unrecoverable XMM driver error

90H  HMA does not exist
91H  HMA is already in use
92H  DX is less than /HMAMIN= parm
93H  HMA is not allocated
94H  A20 line is still enabled

a0H  All extended memory is allocated
a1H  All XMS handles are in use
a2H  Invalid handle

a3H  WSrcHandle is bad
a4H  LSrcOffset is bad
a5H  WDestHandle is bad
a6H  LDestOffset is bad
a7H  Length is invalid
a8H  Invalid overlap in move

a9H  Parity error
aaH  Block is not locked
abH  Block is locked
acH  Lock count has overflowed
adH  Lock failed

b0H  A smaller UMB is available
b1H  No UMBs are available
b2H  UMB segment number is invalid
90H  Attribute type undefined

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XMS Error Codes