Compatibility: XMS 2.0+
Expects: AH    0fH
BX    desired new size, in K-bytes
DX    XMS handle (as obtained via XMS 09H) must be unlocked
Returns: AX    status: 0000H = successful
0001H = error and BL=XMS error code (if BL >= 80H)
Info: This fn resizes an extended memory block previously allocated via
XMS 09H (allocate XMB).

The block must not be locked when this is called (XMS 0cH).

When decreasing the size, any data beyond the end of the new
block-length becomes invalid.

A "grow" request may fail because of memory fragmentation caused
by locked blocks.  You can try unlocking all of your XMBs and
retry the grow request.

See Also: XMS Functions
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XMS 0fH: Resize Extended Memory Block