XLAT             Translate                           Flags: not altered

XLAT translate-table

Logic:    AL   (BX + AL)

XLAT translates bytes via a table lookup. A pointer to a 256-byte
translation table is loaded into BX. The byte to be translated is
loaded into AL; it serves as an index (ie, offset) into the
translation table. After the XLAT instruction is executed, the byte in
AL is replaced by the byte located AL bytes from the beginning of the

Operands                  Clocks   Transfers  Bytes   Example
translate-table             11         1        1     XLAT SINE_TABLE

Notes:         Translate-table can be less than 256 bytes.

The operand, translate-table, is optional since a
pointer to the table must be loaded into BX before
the instruction is executed.

The following example translates a decimal value (0 to 15) to the
corresponding single hexadecimal digit.

lea     bx, hex_table           ;pointer to table into BX
mov     al, decimal_digit       ;digit to be translated to AL
xlat    hex_table               ;translate the value in AL
.                            ;AL now contains ASCII hex digit
hex_table       db      '0123456789ABCDEF'

XLAT Translate