Function Keys                                        Topics               
   These instructions   F1   F2    Main Menu            TECH Help! Menus      
                                   +Shift= Repeat       Popup Help!           
                                   +Shift= No Cls                             
   Cursor Motion        Arrow keys move the cursor from                       
                        hyperlink to hyperlink.  On long                      
                        topics, the screen scrolls.                           
      SPEED KEY                                                               
      A       Z                                                               
    Press any alphabetic character key to                                     
    move the cursor to the first (or next)                                    
    hyperlink that begins with that letter.                                   
                                                        Home        PgUp      
                     Home and End go to top and bottom.                       
                     PageUp and PageDown move through                         
      Enter          the text screen-by-screen.                               
                                                        End         PgDn      
    the link at                                                               
    the cursor.                                                               
    To retrace your steps, press  Esc                                         
                                              File Configure Goto Help        
                                              Alt +a highlighted letter       
                                                   opens a menu.  Use         
                                              the arrow keys to point         
                                               and [Enter] to choose.         
                 LEFT button SELECTS           RIGHT button BACKTRACKS        
                 hyperlink or option.          or CANCELS operation.          
       Click  for up one line               F1:Help F2:Home Esc:GoBack        
      Click for up one screen                Click  in the button bar         
                                           or press the associated key.       
       Drag  this up and down                                                 
    Click for down one screen                                                 
      Click for down one line              Note: Dragging  in the text        
                                           area also scrolls the screen.      
                            End of Instructions                               
                               Press Esc to                                   

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