Compatibility: 2.0+
Purpose: Replaces the normal command processor (COMMAND.COM) with a
different program, OR selects non-default settings for
COMMAND.COM.  Note: This command is unrelated to the Dosshell

Uses:   Identify the location of COMMAND.COM.
  Create a DOS environment that is larger than the default.
  Run a batch file other than AUTOEXEC.BAT at startup.

Syntax: SHELL=[d:][path]filename.ext [parms]


d:\path\filename.ext is the drive, path, filename and extension of the
program to be used as the command processor.

progParms specifies command-line parameters for the command processor.

  TECH Notes  

  The DOS 6.0 COMMAND.COM option /K= sets the name of the AUTOEXEC.BAT
file.  COMMAND.COM /K=mybat.bat is a handy way to set up a DOS session
from Windows.

  To increase the size of the DOS environment, use COMMAND.COM /E=nnn.

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