RET              Return from Procedure               Flags: not altered

RET optional-pop-value

Logic:    POP IP
If FAR RETURN (inter-segment)
SP   SP + optional-pop-value (if specified)

RET transfers control from a called procedure back to the instruction
following the CALL, by:

    Popping the word at the top of the stack into IP
    If the return is an intersegment return:
    Popping the word now at the top of the stack into CS
    Adding the optional-pop-value, if specified, to SP

The assembler will generate an intrasegment RET if the procedure
containing the RET was designated by the programmer as NEAR, and an
intersegment RET if it was designated FAR. The optional-pop-value
specifies a value to be added to SP, which has the effect of popping
the specified number of bytes from the top of the stack.

Operands                  Clocks   Transfers  Bytes   Example
(intrasegment, no pop)      20         1        1     RET
(intrasegment, with pop)    24         1        3     RET 4
(intersegment, no pop)      32         2        1     RET
(intersegment, pop)         31         2        3     RET 2

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See also: JMP

RET Return from Procedure