PAGE             Page Control for Listings                     MASM Directive

PAGE      length, width
PAGE      +

Sets page length and width for listing; or increments the section
number; or issues a form feed.

Notes:     The page numbering scheme used by program listings is of
the form:


where the starting section and page numbers begin with
1-1.  The section is the section number within the
module, while the page number is the page number within
the section.

The PAGE directive, without an argument, sends a form
feed to the printer and generates title and subtitle

PAGE + increments the section number and resets the page
number to 1.

PAGE length,width specifies page parameters for
listings. Length and width options are as follows:

                                   Minimum   Maximum   Default
Length      10        255        50
Width       60        132        80

If the width is specified, but the length is not, the
width must be preceded by a comma.

PAGE Page Control for Listings