Compatibility: 6.0+
Purpose: Defines a selectable item in a MultiConfig Menu.

Syntax: MENUITEM=blockName [,text]


blockName is the name of a block of CONFIG.SYS commands.  If the user
selects this menu item, that block of commands will be executed
and a CONFIG e-var will be created (CONFIG=blockName).

blockName can be up to 70 characters long.  It may contain most
characters except for:
\   backslashes
/   slashes
,   commas
;   semicolons
=   equal signs
[ ] square brackets

[blockName] (the same text, enclosed in square brackets, on a line
by itself) must appear elsewhere in the CONFIG.SYS file.  If
it cannot be found, the menu item will not be shown in the

text is some text to be displayed as a menu choice.  If omitted,
blockName itself is displayed.

text can be up to 70 characters long; however, ASCII characters in
the range 0-32 can cause DOS to ignore some or all of the

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