Compatibility: 6.0+
Purpose: Chooses a default selection in a MultiConfig Menu and sets a
time-out value to let the boot process continue setting up a
default configuration.

Uses:   Set up so that a MultiConfig CONFIG.SYS file can run its course
automatically, without user intervention.
  Position the menu cursor so that one press of Enter will
continue with the most-often used configuration.
  Skip the "MS-DOS Startup Menu" display altogether.

Syntax: MENUDEFAULT=blockName [,time-out]


blockName is the name of a block of CONFIG.SYS commands.  It must be one of
the blocks named in a MENUITEM= or SUBMENU= command in the same
menu block.

[blockName] (the same text, enclosed in square brackets, on a
line by itself) must appear elsewhere in the CONFIG.SYS file.

time-out specifies a delay interval, in seconds.  DOS will wait time-out
seconds and if it senses no keystrokes, it exits the menu and
executes the commands in the block identified by blockName.

If time-out is omitted, DOS will display the menu and pause until
Enter is pressed.

The time-out value can range from 0 to 90 seconds.  A value of 0
causes DOS to bypass the menu and immediately execute the
commands in the blockName block.

  TECH Notes  

  An invalid syntax such as...


...will cause DOS to try to evaluate "NO EMS" as a time-out number and
it comes out as 0.  The result is that execution immediately begins at

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