Compatibility: 6.0+
Purpose: Chooses screen colors for MultiConfig Menu display.

Syntax: MENUCOLOR=frgnd[,bkgnd]


frgnd specifies a foreground (text) color number (0 to 15).
bkgnd specifies a background color number (0 to 15; default=0).
Color Codes   0   Black         8    Gray            
  1   Blue          9    Bright Blue     
  2   Green         10   Bright Green    
  3   Cyan          11   Bright Cyan     
  4   Red           12   Bright Red      
  5   Magenta       13   Bright Magenta  
  6   Brown         14   Bright Yellow   
  7   White         15   Bright White    

Note: Don't put any spaces after the comma; use frgnd,bkgnd with no
intervening spaces (it's a bug in DOS 6.0, folks).

  TECH Notes  

  Notice that the color codes correspond to Video Attributes.

  At system startup, the video system is still in its default setting in
which character-blink is active rather than background-bold (see
INT 10H 1003H).  Thus, if you use 8-15 as bkgnd, you will actually see
a background with the corresponding 0-7 color and the foreground
characters will blink.

  Screen colors are reset when ANSI.SYS device driver is loaded.  You may
want to rearrange the order of your DEVICE= lines to minimize the
visual impact.  Or use something like...

@Echo  [nnm   (nn is an ANSI color code. See ANSI Escape Sequences) your AUTOEXEC.BAT file.

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