MEMORY           Locate segment as last segment possible         Combine Type


Causes the Microsoft Linker to treat this segment exactly like a
PUBLIC segment.  The Microsoft Linker does not support the MEMORY
combine type as outlined by the Intel definition of the MEMORY combine
type.  Instead all MEMORY segments are treated as PUBLIC segments.

Notes:     According to Intel sources, the MEMORY combine type is
supposed to force the Linker to place this segment after
all other segments that are linked together.  The first
MEMORY segment would be placed as the highest segment in
memory.  Subsequent segments containing the MEMORY
segment would be treated as COMMON segments.

If no combine type is specified, the segment is not
combined with any other segments and is given its own
physical segment when loaded into memory.

See also: PUBLIC
See also: AT
See also: COMMON
See also: STACK

MEMORY Locate segment as last segment possible