Reserved Words

The list of words in this table are words that have special meaning to
the assembler.  You cannot use them for any purpose other than that
defined by the assembler.

.186           DI             .ERRNZ          LENGTH        .SALL
.286c          DL             ES             .LFCOND        SEG
.286p          DQ             EVEN           .LIST          SEGMENT
.287           DS             EXITM          LOCAL          .SFCOND
.8086          DT             EXTRN          LOW            SHL
.8087          DW             FAR            LT             SHORT
=              DWORD          GE             MACRO          SHR
AH             DX             GROUP          MASK           SI
AL             ELSE           GT             MOD            SIZE
AND            END            HIGH           NAME           SP
ASSUME         ENDIF          IF             NE             SS
AX             ENDM           IF1            NEAR           STRUC
BH             ENDP           IF2            NOT            SUBTTL
BL             ENDS           IFB            OFFSET         TBYTE
BP             EQ             IFDEF          OR             .TFCOND
BX             EQU            IFDIF          ORG            THIS
BYTE           .ERR           IFE            %OUT           TITLE
CH             .ERR1          IFIDN          PAGE           TYPE
CL             .ERR2          IFNB           PROC           .TYPE
COMMENT        .ERRB          IFNDEF         PTR            WIDTH
.CREF          .ERRDEF        INCLUDE        PUBLIC         WORD
CS             .ERRDIF        IRP            PURGE          .XALL
CX             .ERRE          IRPC           QWORD          .XCREF
DB             .ERRIDN        LABEL          .RADIX         .XLIST
DD             .ERRNB         .LALL          RECORD         XOR
DH             .ERRNDEF       LE             REPT


Notes:         This list does not include the mnemonics for the
instruction set.

These words are not case sensitive, which means that
both PURGE and purge are reserved.

MASM - Reserved words