<>               Literal-Text Operator                          MASM Operator


Treats text as a single element, whether or not it consists of white
space, commas, spaces, or other separators.

Notes:     This operator is used with macros and repeat blocks to
insure that values in a macro call are treated as a
single parameter.

This operator can also be used to make special
characters, such as the semicolon, act as literal
characters, rather than have special meaning.  For
example, a semicolon by itself signals a comment,
whereas <;> signals the semicolon character itself.

MASM strips one layer of angle brackets every time a
parameter is passed to a macro.  For macros that are
nested, care must be taken to insure that enough layers
of angle brackets are supplied.

See also: &
See also: !
See also: %
See also: ;;

<> Literal-Text Operator