LOCAL            Create Symbol for Use in Macro                MASM Directive

LOCAL     dummyname,,,

Creates unique symbol names for use in macros.

Notes:     When the macro is expanded, dummyname is replaced by a
symbol of the form:


where number is a hexadecimal number in the range of 0
to FFFFh.  Do not specify other symbols of this type,
since the macro will be generating these types of labels
and the repetition of a label could cause an error.

LOCAL can be used only in macros, and a LOCAL directive
must precede all other statements (including comments)
in a macro definition.

This directive is typically used in macros that use
labels.  If a macro is called multiple times and the
same label is used for all calls, then an error will
occur since the label has been declared multiple times.
Use the LOCAL directive to avoid this problem by making
all labels LOCAL.

LOCAL Create Symbol for Use in Macro