LES              Load Pointer using ES               Flags: not altered

LES dest-reg,source

Logic:    ES   (source)
dest-reg   (source + 2)

LES loads into two registers the 32-bit pointer variable found in
memory at source. LES stores the segment value (the higher order word
of source) in ES and the offset value (the lower order word of source)
in the destination register. The destination register may be any any
16-bit general register (that is, all registers except segment

Operands                  Clocks   Transfers  Bytes   Example
reg16, mem32             24 + EA       2       2-4    LES DI, STR_ADDR

Note:          LDS, Load Pointer Using DS, is a comparable
instruction that loads the DS register rather than
the ES register.

See also: LEA
See also: LDS
See also: OFFSET
See also: EA

LES Load Pointer Using ES