JMP              Jump Unconditionally                Flags: not altered

JMP target

Jump Condition:  Jump always

JMP always transfer control to the target location. Unlike CALL, JMP
does not save IP, because no RETurn is expected. An intrasegment JMP
may be made either through memory or through a 16-bit register; an
intersegment JMP can be made only through memory.

Operands                  Clocks   Transfers  Bytes   Example
short-label                 15         -        2     JMP ROPE_NEAR
near-label                  15         -        3     JMP SAME_SEGMENT
far-label                   15         -        5     JMP FAR_LABEL
memptr16                 18 + EA       -       2-4    JMP SAME_SEG
regptr16                    11         -        2     JMP BX
memptr32                 24 + EA       -       2-4    JMP NEXT_SEG

Notes:         If the assembler can determine that the target of an
intrasegment jump is within 127 bytes of the current
location, the assembler will automatically generate
a short-jump (two-byte) instruction; otherwise, a 3-
byte NEAR JMP is generated.

You can force the generation of a short jump by
explicit use of the operator "short," as in:

JMP  short near_by

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JMP Jump Unconditionally