JB               Jump If Below                       Flags: not altered

JB short-label

Jump Condition:  Jump if CF = 1

Used after a CMP or SUB instruction, JB transfers control to short-
label if the first operand was less than the second.  (Both operands
are treated as unsigned numbers.)  The target of the jump must be
within -128 to +127 bytes of the next instruction.

Operands                  Clocks   Transfers  Bytes   Example
short-label              16 or 4       -        2     JB BELOW

Notes:         JC (Jump if Carry), JB, and JNAE (Jump if Not Above
or Equal), are all synonyms for the same

JB, Jump if Below, should be used when comparing
unsigned numbers.

JL, Jump if Less Than, should be used when comparing
signed numbers.

See also: JNAE
See also: JC
See also: JL
See also: JAE

JB Jump If Below