Compatibility: EMS 3.2+
Expects: AX    4d00H
ES:DI buffer to receive return information
Returns: AH    EMM status (0=successful)
BX    count of active handles
ES:DI buffer contains (BX*4) bytes of data
Info: Returns the size of allocations for all currently-open EMM

ES:DI on entry, the buffer at this address should be large enough to
hold the returned data.  You need 4 bytes for each handle.  Use
INT 67H 4c00H to see how many handles exist.

On return, this buffer contains BX entries in the form:

Offset Size Contents
+0      2  wHandle    the handle number
+2      2  wAllocdPgs size of allocation, in 16K units
4             size of one record

- -

INT 67H 4d00H: Get Page Information For All Handles