INT 4Ah (74)             User Alarm                   XT-286, AT, Convertible

Called by the Real-Time Clock (RTC) interrupt handler when the real-
time clock alarm conditions are meet.


By default, the interrupt handler for this interrupt IRETs to the
caller. The user can supply a handler that will gain control whenever
the current time is equal to the alarm time. Make sure this interrupt
handler is installed before using INT 1Ah, Service 06h, to set the
real-time clock alarm.

Notes:         This service is available only for the AT, XT-286,
and PC Convertible.

The Real-Time Clock (RTC) interrupt handler is INT
70h for the AT and XT-286. The PC Convertible uses
INT 08h (System Timer).

See also: INT 1Ch
See also: INT 70h
See also: INT 1Ah, 06h

INT 4Ah (74) User Alarm