Expects: AX    0016H
ES:DX address of mouse buffer to hold mouse status info
Returns: ES:DX buffer contains data
Info: This function loads the current set of mouse-support variables
into a caller-supplied data area.  Use this call to save the
state of the mouse in case you might need to restore it at a
later time (e.g., upon popping up as a TSR or upon return of
control after using DOS Fn 4b00H EXEC).

Warning: Use INT 33H 0015H to obtain the size of the buffer to be passed
in this call.  You must provide enough storage or the mouse
support may overwrite important program variables or code.

Notes:   The mouse-state buffer layout is not documented.

  This fn is not supported by some non-Microsoft drivers,
including some which claim full Microsoft compatibility.

- -

INT 33H 0016H: Save Mouse Status