Compatibility: DPMI 1.0+
Expects: AX    0505H
ESI   memory block handle (as obtained via INT 31H 0504H)
ECX   new size of block, in bytes (must not be 0)
EDX   flags:  bit 0: 1=create committed pages
0=create uncommitted pages
bit 1: 1=descriptors require update (see Notes)
0=do not update descriptors
2-31: (reserved; should be 0)
Returns: CF    NC (clear) if successful; else AX = DPMI Error Code
EBX   new linear base address of allocated block
ESI   new handle used to resize and free this block
Info: Changes the size of a linear memory block allocated via

Notes: If bit 1 of EDX is set, then you must identify the descriptors
which need to be updated as follows:  ES:EBX is the address of a
series of 2-byte selectors whose descriptors need updating and
EDI is the size of the array, in words.

See Also: DPMI API
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INT 31H 0505H: Resize Linear Memory Block