Compatibility: DPMI 0.9+
Expects: AX    0400H
Returns: CF    NC (this fn always succeeds)
AH    DPMI major version
AL    DPMI minor version; e.g AX=030aH means version 3.10
BX    info flags (see below)
CL    processor type:  02H = 80286
03H = 80386
04H = 80486
05H = Pentium
>5  = reserved for future Intel CPUs
DH    current value of virtual master PIC base interrupt
DL    current value of virtual slave PIC base interrupt
Info: This obtains the DPMI version number supported by the DPMI host
and some other info.

BX contains some relevant bit flags:
1 1
 5 4  -  3 2 1 0 
 0 0...0 0 v r b 
     -            bit  mask
        0: 0001H 1=host is 32-bit implementation
                 0=host is 16-bit
        1: 0002H 1=returns to real mode for ints
                 0=returns to Virtual 86 mode for ints
        2: 0004H 1=virtual memory supported; 0=not

Note:   See INT 2fH 1687H and INT 31H 0401H for related info.

  Use INT 31H 0e00H to check for the presence and status of a
numeric coprocessor.

See Also: DPMI API
- -

INT 31H 0400H: Query DPMI Version