Compatibility: 4.0+
Expects: AX    b706H
Returns: CF    Carry Flag clear (NC) if no error
BX    current APPEND.EXE option settings (see below)
Info: This obtains the APPEND option flags which affect how APPEND

BX On return, BX contains the settings as follows:
1 1 1 1 1
 5 4 3 2 1-  1 0 
 x e p 0 0...0 n 
                  bit   mask
                   0: 0001H enabled (0=APPEND is disabled)
                  13: 2000H /PATH:ON option is in effect
                  14: 4000H /E option is in effect
                  15: 8000H /X:ON option is in effect

bit 0 is always 1 (if APPEND is loaded), unless a program has used
INT 2fH b707H to clear this bit and thereby disable APPEND.

bit 13 When /PATH:ON is in effect, APPEND will search the APPEND
directories for a file, even if a path was given in the filespec.

bit 14 When /E is in effect, APPEND maintains a copy of the append path
in the DOS Environment (in the form APPEND=path;path;...)

bit 14 When /X:ON is in effect, APPEND will search the APPEND path for
DOS fns that execute programs (such as 4b00H) and for fns that
search for files (4eH)  When bit 15 is 0, APPEND searches only
for file open requests (3dH and 6cH).

Notes: You may change settings and/or disable APPEND altogether via
INT 2fH b707H (set APPEND options).

- -

INT 2fH b706H: Query APPEND.EXE Option Settings