Compatibility: 6.2+
Expects: AX    4a11H (mux number)
BX    000aH (DoubleSpace fn code)
CX:DX bitmap of drives to enable/disable for automount (see below)
Returns: AX    DoubleSpace API Error Code (0000H=success)
CX:DX bitmap indicating previous automount settings
Info: This service is new for DOS 6.2.

This lets you enable and disable automounting for some or all
removable-media drives.  In conjunction with INT 2fH 4a11H 000bH,
you can use it to see if automounting is possible.

CX:DX Is treated as a 32-bit bitmap, with the lowest 26 bits each
representing one drive.  Bit 0 of DX represents drive A, bit 1 is
drive B...bit 15 is drive P.  Bit 0 of CX represents drive Q,

A bit-value of 1 specifies to enable the drive for automounting.

On Entry:  CX:DX specifies which drives you want to enable and
disable for automounting.

On Return: CX:DX contains the previous settings.

Notes:   If all automounting is disabled (Automount=0 in DBLSPACE.INI),
then this call will have no effect.

  You can see if automounting is possible by using this fn to
try to enable a drive, then using INT 2fH 4a11H 000bH (query
automount drives) to see if the change was recorded.

- -

INT 2fH 4a11H BX=000aH: Set Automount Drives