INT 16h,  05h (5)        Keyboard Write                                  many

Puts a scan code/character code combination in the keyboard buffer.

On entry:      AH         05h
CH         Scan code
CL         ASCII character code

Returns:       AL         00h - Operation successful
01h - Buffer full


Notes:         This service is available only for ATs dated
11/15/85 and after, and XT 286s.

This service "fools" a program into thinking that
keys have come from the keyboard. A good example of
this would be the operation needed by a program that
implements keyboard macros.

For a description and list of scan codes, see "Scan

See also: INT 16h, 00h
See also: INT 16h, 10h
See also: Scan Codes

INT 16h, 05h (5) Keyboard Write many