INT 15h,  86h (134)      Wait                                      XT-286, AT

Waits a specified number of microseconds before returning control to
the caller.

On entry:      AH         86h
CX:DX      Number of microseconds to elapse

Returns:       Carry      Set if error or wait in progress, else


Notes:         This service is not available for the PC, PCjr, and
the XT.

The real-time clock is used to count the number of

The granularity of the time is 976 microseconds.

CX is the high-order word of the count. For example,
if CX is 98h and DX is 9680h, a 10-second delay
would be specified.

See also: INT 15h, 83h

INT 15h, 86h (134) Wait XT-286, AT