INT 15h,  85h (133)      System Request Pressed                          many

Provides an interface for special processing of the Sys Req key.

On entry:      AH         85h
AL         Subservice
00h - System Request key Make (pressed)
01h - System Request key Break (released)

Returns:       Carry      Set if service not supported, else cleared


By default, this service does nothing but clear the Carry Flag. It is
up to the operating system or user to provide a handler to process the
Sys Req key. This service is called by INT 09h (Keyboard) after the
Sys Req key has been pressed ("made") or released ("broken").

Notes:         The PC, PCjr, and the XT dated 11/08/82 do not
support this service.

Currently there is no standard use for the System
Request key. Future operating systems will probably
use it to switch between tasks.

See also: INT 09h

INT 15h, 85h (133) System Request Pressed many