INT 15h,  81h (129)      Device Close                                    many

Provides an interface to close a device with a specific process.

On entry:      AH         81h
BX         Device ID
CX         Process ID

Returns:       Carry      Set if service not supported, else cleared


Notes:         The PC, PCjr, and the XT dated 11/08/82 do not
support this service.

This interface is supported for multi-tasking
environments, where more than one process (or task)
may be executing in the system. Usually the
operating system will supply the handler for this
service; this way, the operating system can keep
track of which processes are using each device on
the system.

The operating system will use this service to
discontinue the use of a device by a process.

See also: INT 15h, 80h
See also: INT 15h, 82h

INT 15h, 81h (129) Device Close many