Expects: AH    91H
AL    device type:  00H fixed disk time-out
01H diskette time-out
02H keyboard
03H pointed device time-out
21H waiting foe keyboard input
80H network
fcH fixed-disk reset time-out
fdH diskette drive motor start
feH pointing device time-out
ES:BX addr of network control block (if AL = 80H or higher)
CF    must be NC (0) before calling
Returns: (none)
Info: This service is designed to be intercepted by a multitasking
operating system.  It could be used by disk or other hardware
handlers so the handler can be notified when I/O is completed.
This fn could also be used by an operating system to learn when
I/O is completed so the requesting task could be reactivated.

When unintercepted, the BIOS simply sets AH to 0 and clears CF.

See Also: INT 15H (extended AT services)
- -

INT 15H 91H: Interrupt Finished