Expects: AX    5309H
BX    0001H
Returns: AH    APM error code (if CF=CY) else...
BH    AC line status: 00H = off-line
01H = on-line
ffH = unknown
BL    Battery status: 00H = high
01H = low
02H = critical
03H = charging
ffH = unknown
CL    Remaining battery life: 00H-64H (0-100) percent full charge
ffH = unknown
Info: This function returns information about the status of the power
and battery.

You may access this service via INT 15H or by using the APM entry
address obtained via INT 15H 5302H or INT 15H 5303H (protected
mode connect).

See Also: APM API
- -

INT 15H 530aH: Query Power Status