INT 13h,  11h (17)       Recalibrate Drive                         fixed disk

This service recalibrates a specified fixed disk drive to reset the
seek speed. This service can be performed on fixed disks only.

On entry:      AH         11h
DL         Drive number (Bit 7 must be set)

Returns:       AH         Status of operation (See Service 01h)
CF         Set if error; otherwise cleared


Notes:         This service is called by both Service 00h and
Service 0Dh. Thus calling either of these services
will accomplish the same as calling Service 11h.

This service sends the RECALIBRATE command to the
disk controller, making the controller default to
its original state and place the read/write arm at
track 0.

If an error is encountered, use Service 0h to reset
the drive and retry the operation.

For the AT, XT-286, and PC Convertible, the BIOS
executes INT 15h, Service 90h (Device Busy), for the
diskette (Type = 01h) and the fixed disk (Type =
00h) prior to waiting for the interrupt. INT 15h,
Service 91h (Interrupt Complete), is executed upon

See also: INT 13h, 00h
See also: INT 13h, 01h
See also: INT 13h, 0Dh

INT 13h, 11h (17) Recalibrate Drive fixed disk