INT 13h,  09h (9)        Initialize Fixed Disk Tables              fixed disk

Initializes a fixed disk using parameter tables.

On entry:      AH         09h
DL         Drive number (Bit 7 must be set)

Returns:       AH         Status of operation (see Service 01h)
CF         Set if error; otherwise cleared

INT 41h points to a fixed disk parameter table. On some machines, INT
46h also contains a fixed disk parameter table for a second drive.
These tables are used by this service to initialize drives. Service
09h will cause the the BIOS to adjust properly to any fixed disk
parameters that have been changed in the fixed disk parameter table.

Notes:         The behavior of this service depends on the type of
machine it is executed on:

XT             If the drive number is a legal value (80h <= DL <=
87h), then both drives 0 and 1 are initialized. INT
41h actually points to four tables. The table used
for the drive number is determined by the setting of
switches on the fixed disk drive adapter. If the
initialization of drive 0 fails, drive 1
initialization is not attempted.

AT and XT-286  If DL is 80h, then drive 0 is initialized via INT
41h. If DL is 81h, then drive 1 is initialized via
INT 46h.

If an error is encountered, use Service 0h to reset
the drive and retry the operation.

For the AT, XT-286, and PC Convertible, the BIOS
executes INT 15h, Service 90h (Device Busy), for the
diskette (Type = 01h) and the fixed disk (Type =
00h) prior to waiting for the interrupt. INT 15h,
Service 91h (Interrupt Complete), is executed upon

See also: INT 13h, 01h

INT 13h, 09h (9) Initialize Fixed Disk Tables fixed disk