INT 13h,  00h (00)       Reset Fixed Disk/Diskette System                 all

Resets the fixed disk or diskette controller and drive, forcing
recalibration of the read/write head.

Call with:     AH         00h
DL         Drive number

Returns:       AH         Status of operation (See Service 01h)
CF         Set if error, cleared otherwise


Notes:         If DL is greater than or equal to 80h, the floppy
diskette controller is reset, and then the fixed
disk controller is reset. The status returned in AH
in this case is the status of the fixed disk; to get
the status of the floppy diskette controller,
examine memory location 0:441h.

If an error is reported by the disk BIOS routines,
use this service to reset the floppy and/or fixed
disk controllers, and retry the operation.

A fixed disk reset is executed only if the value in
DL is less than or equal to the last fixed disk on
the system. That is, the lower 7 bits of DL should
be less than or equal to the number of fixed disks.

For the AT, XT-286, and PC Convertible, the BIOS
executes INT 15h, Service 90h (Device Busy), for the
diskette (Type = 01h) and the fixed disk (Type =
00h) prior to waiting for the interrupt. INT 15h,
Service 91h (Interrupt Complete), is executed upon
completion. Also diskette operations that require
the diskette motor to be on will call INT 15h,
Service 90 (Device Busy), with the type equal to
"Diskette Drive Motor Start" (Type = FDh). This
allows the system to perform another task while the
drive motor is waiting to get up to speed.

See also: INT 13h, 01h
See also: INT 13h, 0Dh
See also: INT 13h, 11h

INT 13h, 00h (00) Reset Fixed Disk/Diskette System all