[XT] [AT]
Expects: AH    0bH
AL    sector count (usually 1)
CH    track (cylinder) number (0-n)    
CL    sector number (1-n)                 (see below)
DL    drive: 80H-81H=hard disk 0-1
DH    head number
ES:BX caller's buffer address
Returns: AH    BIOS disk error code if CF is set to CY
Info: This works just like the standard Write (INT 13H 03H), except
instead of allowing the controller to calculate the ECC , it uses
the four to seven bytes that follow the data at ES:BX.

CX Bits 6-7 of CL are the high two bits of the 10-bit value whose
low 8 bits are in CH.  See INT 13H 02H for details.

Notes:   This is typically used only by diagnostic software.

  On a multiple-sector operation, this returns without finishing
the write when it encounters an error.

- -

INT 13H 0bH: Write Sector Plus ECC