[XT] [AT]
Expects: AH    0aH
AL    sector count (usually 1)
CH    track (cylinder) number (0-n)    
CL    sector number (1-n)                 (see below)
DL    drive: 80H-81H=hard disk 0-1
DH    head number
ES:BX caller's buffer address
Returns: AH    BIOS disk error code if CF is set to CY
Info: This works just like the standard Read (INT 13H 02H), except that
four to seven bytes of data (the ECC  or Error Correction Code
bytes) follow the contents of the sector.

CX Bits 6-7 of CL are the high two bits of the 10-bit value whose
low 8 bits are in CH.  See INT 13H 02H for details.

Notes:   This is typically used only by diagnostic software.

  On a multiple-sector operation, this returns without finishing
the read when it encounters an error.

- -

INT 13H 0aH: Read Sector Plus ECC