[PC] [XT] [AT]
Expects: AH    03H
AL    sector count (see notes)
CH    track (cylinder) number (0-n)    
CL    sector number (1-n)                 (see notes)
DL    drive: 0-3=diskette; 80H-81H=hard disk
DH    head number
ES:BX caller's buffer, containing data to write
0:078 Diskette Parameter Table  (for diskette operations)
0:104 Hard Disk Parameter Table  (for hard disk operations)
Returns: AH    BIOS disk error code if CF is set to CY
Info: This writes the data at ES:BX to the specified sectors.

Notes:   CX is actually used as a 6-bit and 10-bit field to specify
sector and cylinder.  The maximum cylinder number is 1023
but some BIOSes support larger values via translation.  See
INT 13H 02H for details.

  On diskette writes, this function stops a multi-sector write at
the last sector in a track.

  On hard disks (with XT and AT BIOSes), a multi-sector write
continues on the next higher head of the same cylinder and if
necessary, advances to the next higher cylinder on the first

  Parameters are the same as for INT 13H 02H (read sectors).

See Also: INT 26H (write absolute sectors)
DOS fn 440dH 41H (IOCTL read track)
- -

INT 13H 03H: Write Sectors