INT 10h,  09h (9)        Write Character and Attribute at Cursor

Displays a specified character with a specified attribute a specified
number of times.

On entry:      AX         09h
AL         ASCII value of character
BH         Display page (text mode only)
BL         Attribute/Color
CX         Number of times to write character

Returns:       None

Registers destroyed:      AX, SP, BP, SI, DI


Notes:         Display begins at the current cursor location on the
specified display page, but the cursor itself is not

In text mode, characters extending beyond the right
side of the screen wrap to the next line; in
graphics mode, they do not.

This service displays control characters as
printable characters, rather than as their cursor-
control equivalents. For example, if AL is 13, then
the musical note will be displayed, rather than a
Carriage Return.

In graphics modes, if the attribute (BL) is given
with bit 7 set, the color bits of the character
displayed are XORed with the color bits of the
current character. You can use this feature to write
characters and then erase them.

The difference between this service and Service 0Ah
is that this service allows the user to specify the
display attribute byte.

See also: INT 10h, 0Ah
See also: INT 10h, 0Eh
See also: INT 10h, 13h
See also: INT 10h, 08h

INT 10h, 09h (9) Write Character and Attribute at Cursor