INT 10h,  05h (5)        Set Active Display Page

Sets the active display page.

On entry:      AH         05h
AL         Display page number

Returns:       None

Registers destroyed:      AX, SP, BP, SI, DI

                         Legal Page Values (AL)

   Video Mode                   LegalPages
00h                         0-7
01h                         0-7
02h                         0-3
03h                         0-3
04h                          0
05h                          0
06h                          0
07h                          0
08h                          0
09h                          0
0Ah                          0
0Dh                         0-7
0Eh                         0-3
0Fh                         0-1
10h                         0-1

Notes:         The contents of a display page are not destroyed
when the current display page is changed. In fact,
you can write to an inactive page, then switch to
it--thereby producing fast screen updates.

Use Service 0Fh to determine the current active
display page.

See also: INT 10h, 0Fh

INT 10h, 05h (5) Set Active Display Page