INT 10h,  02h (2)        Set Cursor Position

Sets the cursor position (row and column) for a specified display

On entry:      AH         02h
BH         Display page number
DH         Row
DL         Column

Returns:       None

Registers destroyed:      AX, SP, BP, SI, DI


Notes:         This service can position the cursor on the active
display page or on an inactive page.

In graphics modes, this service sets the logical
position of the cursor, even though the cursor
itself is not displayed (there is no cursor display
in any graphics mode).

To make the cursor invisible, position it on row 25.

The upper left corner of the display is DH = 0h, DL
= 0h, while the lower right corner is DH = 18h (24),
DL = 27h (39) for 40-column mode or 4Fh (79) for 80-
column mode.

See Service 05h for a list of legal page numbers for
the different display modes. Because the service
does no value checking, erratic results can occur if
you specify an illegal page number. The page number
for graphics modes is 0.

See also: INT 10h, 03h
See also: INT 10h, 05h

INT 10h, 02h (2) Set Cursor Position