INT 10h,  01h (1)        Set Cursor Size

Adjusts the size of the cursor by setting its start and end lines.

On entry:      AH         01h
CH         Cursor start line (bits 4 to 0)
CL         Cursor end line   (bits 4 to 0)

Returns:       None

Registers destroyed:      AX, SP, BP, SI, DI

          Cursor Start and End line values (CH and CL)

                            Legal               Default
      Adapter            Start  End         Start      End
CGA                 0     7            6         7
MDA                 0    13           11        12
EGA                 0    13          6(11)     7(12)  Depends on mode

Notes:         Line numbering starts at the top of the character
block (0) and increments downward. If you specify an
end line lower than the start line, a two-part
"wraparound" cursor is displayed.

There is only one cursor size for all video pages.

The cursor blink may not be disabled (it's caused by
the hardware), but you can make the cursor
invisible. To do this, position the cursor--with
Service 02h--offscreen in a nonprintable location
(such as row 25).

Setting bits 5 or 6 will cause erratic results, from
strange blinking to no cursor. Do not use this
technique to make the cursor invisible. It may not
work on some machines.

This service affects text-mode displays only. There
is no cursor display in any graphics mode.

Service 03h returns the current cursor size.

See also: INT 10h, 03h
See also: INT 10h, 02h

INT 10h, 01h (1) Set Cursor Size