AH  Std BIOS Services             AH  EGA/VGA/VESA Extensions
00H set video mode                    Note: See full list, below
01H set cursor size/shape         10H palette functions            EGA VGA
02H set cursor position           11H character generator fns      EGA VGA
03H query cursor position & size  12H special functions            EGA VGA
04H read light pen                13H write string+attr/cells   AT EGA VGA
05H select active display page
06H scroll window up (or cls)     1aH query/set DCC (display combo)    VGA
07H scroll window down (or cls)   1bH query functionality/status       VGA
08H read character/attribute      1cH save/restore video state fns     VGA
09H write character/attribute
0aH write character               4f00H query SVGA support
0bH select color palette/border   4f01H query SVGA mode info
0cH write graphics pixel dot      4f02H set SVGA video mode
0dH read graphics pixel dot       4f03H query SVGA video mode
0eH write character as TTY        4f04H save/restore SVGA state
0fH read video mode               4f05H query/set SVGA video mem window

AX    AT/PS2/EGA/VGA/VESA Extensions             Support
1000H set one palette register                   EGA/VGA
1001H set overscan/border color                  EGA/VGA
1002H set all palette registers & border color   EGA/VGA
1003H select foreground blink or bold background EGA/VGA
1007H read one palette register                      VGA
1008H read overscan/border color                     VGA
1009H read all pallet registers & border color       VGA
1010H set one DAC color register                     VGA
1012H set block of DAC color registers               VGA
1013H DAC color paging functions                     VGA
1015H read one DAC color register                    VGA
1017H read block of DAC color registers              VGA
101aH query DAC color paging state                   VGA
101bH convert DAC colors to grey scale               VGA

1100H load user-defined font                     EGA/VGA
1101H load ROM 8x14 font                         EGA/VGA
1102H load ROM 8x8 font                          EGA/VGA
1103H activate font block; 512-character set     EGA/VGA
1104H load ROM 8x16 font                             VGA
1110H load and activate user-defined font        EGA/VGA
1111H load and activate ROM 8x14 font            EGA/VGA
1112H load and activate ROM 8x8 font             EGA/VGA
1114H load and activate ROM 8x16 font                VGA
1120H setup INT 1fH graphics font pointer            VGA
1121H setup user-defined font for graphics           VGA
1122H ROM 8x14 font for graphics modes               VGA
1123H ROM 8x8 font for graphics modes                VGA
1124H ROM 8x16 font for graphics modes               VGA
1130H get video font information                     VGA

12xxH 10H get EGA info                           EGA/VGA
12xxH 20H use alternate print screen             EGA/VGA
12xxH 30H set text-mode scan-lines                   VGA
12xxH 31H enable default palette loading             VGA
12xxH 32H enable access to video                     VGA
12xxH 33H enable gray-scale summing                  VGA
12xxH 34H enable cursor emulation                    VGA
12xxH 35H PS/2 display switching                     VGA
12xxH 36H screen refresh on/off                      VGA

1300H display string                          AT/EGA/VGA
1301H display string and update cursor        AT/EGA/VGA
1302H display character/attribute cells       AT/EGA/VGA
1303H display char/attr cells & update cursor AT/EGA/VGA

14xxH PC Convertible LCD fns  (not covered)
15xxH PC Convertible LCD fns
16-19 (reserved)

1axxH query/set Display Combination Code (DCC)   PS2/VGA
1bxxH query functionality/status                     VGA

1c00H query size of save buffer                      VGA
1c01H save current video state                       VGA
1c02H restore video state from saved data            VGA

- -

INT 10H: Video Services