Expects: AX    4f01H
CX    VESA/SVGA Video Mode number (may also be std modes 00-13H)
ES:DI Addr of buffer to receive an SvgaModeInfoRec
Returns: AX    VESA status: AH=0 means successful (else failed)
AL=4fH means function supported
ES:DI buffer contains returned data (if successful)
Info: Obtains information about the capabilities, resolution, memory
access model, etc. for a particular SuperVGA video mode.

The buffer at ES:DI must be 256 bytes long (though only the first
29 bytes are defined).  See SvgaModeInfoRec for a layout of the
returned information.

Notes:   VESA implementations may not return the entire data structure.
Be sure to check bit 1 of the byte at offset 0.

See Also: SVGA
- -

INT 10H 4f01H - Query SuperVGA Mode Information