Compatibility: VGA
Expects: AX    1c01H
CX    type(s) of video-state info to save (see below)
ES:BX address of buffer to hold video-state info
Returns: AL    1cH (if this fn is supported)
Info: This saves the current state of the VGA video system.  Use
INT 10H 1c02H to restore the system state later on.

CX is a set of bit-flags indicating what types of video-state
information you need to save:
1 1
 5 4    7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0 
 0 0    0 0 0 0 0 c d h 
                         bit mask
        0: 01H  video hardware state info
        1: 02H  video BIOS data area info
        2: 04H  DAC state and color registers

ES:BX The size of the buffer that this address varies, depending upon
the value in CX.  Be sure to use INT 10H 1c00H (with CX having
the same value!) to obtain the required size and then be sure
your buffer is large enough to hold the returned information.

The layout of the video-state information is not documented.

Notes: This is very handy for task-switching software such as the DOS
Shell and can be useful in systems that switch in-and-out of
graphics modes.

Alas, EGA, CGAs, and MDAs do not support this fn, so if your
program needs to save/restore the video state for other types of
video systems, you still need to do some manual labor to collect
the information.

See Also: INT 10H 1cH (VGA Save/Restore Functions)
- -

INT 10H 1c01H: VGA Save Video State