Compatibility: VGA
Expects: AX    1bH
BX    0000H (implementation type; must be 0)
ES:DI address of 64-byte buffer to receive a VgaDynamicStateRec
Returns: ES:DI buffer filled with data
AL    1bH (if this fn and implementation type is supported)
Info: This returns a wheelbarrow full of info about the overall
capabilities of a VGA system and about the current settings such
as video mode, cursor size, ATC and CRTC register settings, etc.

for the layout of the returned information.

Notes:   You will find it much easier to use this fn than to examine the
various bits and pieces in the BIOS Data Area or by direct port

  A common program initialization sequence requests this
function, and if not available (i.e, not a VGA), collects info
from other INT 10H calls and from the EGA/VGA Data Areas to
fill in the missing info.

- -

INT 10H 1bH: Get VGA Functionality and State Info