Compatibility: EGA VGA
Expects: AX    1102H
BL    font block to load (EGA: 0-3; VGA: 0-7)
Returns: (none)
Info: Redefines the characters on EGA/VGA cards to use the 8-scanline-
high text-mode font.

This is a small font.  On EGAs, this makes it possible to display
in a 43-line mode (32*8=344, of a max 350 high screen).  On VGAs,
this makes it possible to display in a 50-line mode (50*8=400,
the max VGA height).

This fn does not program the CRTC or set BIOS variables to make
allowances for changes in character height, etc.  Use
INT 10H 1112H to have the BIOS do that automatically.

BL specifies which of the up-to eight tables in EGA/VGA character-
definition RAM should be affected.  See INT 10H 1103H (activate
font block).  Normally, you will use BL=0, since block 0 is
normally the active font block.

- -

INT 10H 1102H: Load ROM 8x8 Character Set