Compatibility: All
Expects: AH    0aH
AL    character to write (see ASCII Table)
Note: Graphics chars > 127 are defined in INT 1fH table.
BH    video page number (0-based)
CX    repeat count
Returns: (none)
Info: This writes a character to the current cursor location.  It does
not modify the video attribute of the affected screen position.

This is too slow for most apps.  See Video Memory Layouts.

CX To write just one character, set CX=1.

You may use the fn to write a series of the same character--for
instance, to fill a screen line with blanks--by setting CX to a
repeat count.

Notes: This does not update the cursor position.  Use INT 10H 0eH to
write a character and advance the cursor.

Use INT 10H 09H to write a character and specify a desired video

INT 10H 13H (display a string of characters)
- -

INT 10H 0aH: Write Character to Cursor Location