Compatibility: All
Expects: AH    02H
BH    video page number (0-based)
DH    row (0-based)
DL    column (0-based)
Returns: (none)
Info: Sets the position for the blinking (hardware) cursor.  The cursor
position is used in other video fns as a way to select the next
place to write text.

BH specifies a video page (use 0 in most cases).  The BIOS maintains
the cursor position for each video page; they are saved starting
at 0040:0050.

DH,DL select the row,column for the cursor.  0,0 is the top-left corner
of the screen.  To change just the row or just the column, use
INT 10H 03H (query cursor position) to preset DH,DL.

Notes: One way to hide the blinking cursor is to position it below the
lowest visible screen line; for instance, set DH=25 in 25-line
screen modes (the byte at 0040:0084 identifies the screen height
in rows, on EGA/VGA BIOSes).

See Also: INT 10H 03H (query cursor position)
- -

INT 10H 02H: Set Cursor Position