INT 05h (5)              Print Screen

Prints the current screen contents to the first parallel printer

This interrupt can be called from within a program as well as by means
of the Shift-PrtSc key combination. The service returns no register
values but sets a status code at memory location 0000:0500h. The
possible values of this status code, and their meanings, are as

  00h          Print Screen not called, or operation completed

  01h          Print Screen currently in progress

  FFh          Error encountered during most recent Print Screen


Notes:         The cursor position is saved before the Print Screen
is executed and restored upon completion of the
Print Screen.

The Print Screen service runs with interrupts

While a Print Screen is in progress, additional
Print Screen requests are ignored.

The DOS GRAPHICS program replaces the normal INT 05h
handler and installs a handler that will print
graphic displays.

INT 05h (5) Print Screen